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Botanical Name : Ficus benghalensis Linn

Family : Moraceae

Introduction :

It is one of the good medicine useful for skin disease. This is one of the plant can act as key stone species of the forest.

Names in different Indian languages :

English : Banyan tree

Hindi : Bat, bargad

Kannada : Ala

Malayalam : Peral, vatavriksham

Sanskrit : Nyagrodha

Tamil : Alamaram, peral

Telugu : peddamarri

Unani : Bargad, Darakht-e-Reesh

Synonyms :

Vata, Nyagrodha, Bahupaada, Dhruv.

Varieties & adulterants – (CV – controversy, AD – adulterants) :

Ficus Elastica

ficus glomerata

Morphology :

Large sized tree grows up to 30 m height, it have aerial roots, to to this it can spread large number of branches even hectares.

Leaves – simple, alternate, broadly elliptic

Flower- hypanthodium  inflorescence

Fruit – axillary , sessile , reddish when ripe

Distribution & Habitat :

All over India

Chemical constituents :

Phytosterolin, bengalenoside, flavonoid glycosides, leucocyanidin and leucopelargonidin

Properties :

RASA-kashaya, madhura




Karma :

Grahi, stanbana,  vrana hara, sophahara, varnya, vataprakopanam

Acrid, depurative, ophthalmic, antiarthritic , anti emetic

Indication :

diabetes, dysentery, and in seminal weakness, leucorrhoea, menorrhagia, nervous disorders, erysipelas, burning sensation

Milky juice and seeds—applied topically to sores, ulcers, cracked soles of the feet, rheumatic inflammations.

Buds—a decoction in milk is given in haemorrhages.

Part used :

Root, aerial root, leaves , bark, latex, fruit

Important Yogas or Formations :

Panchavalkaladi ghridha and taila, naalpamaradi kashya and taila

Therapeutic Uses :

Leaves— useful for promoting suppuration in abscess.

Bark decoction useful in skin disease

Fruit juice useful in stop vomiting.

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