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College Council

College Council represents the entire college community and includes representatives from faculty, administrative staff, support staff and students.

Functions and Responsibilities

1. The core function of the council is to establish annual goals aligned with the college’s strategic priorities as determined by the Senior Management Committee.

2. The committee has to represent the college community in providing timely feedback to the authority on issues that are of college-wide significance and related to the college’s stated strategic priorities.

3. The committee has to be responsible for the integrated planning process, with input from all parts of the campus community. Every three years the Council will update the mission statement and long-term goals

4. The committee has to appoint, delegate and promote faculty members and lecturers.

5. The committee has to facilitate communication and appropriate involvement of all members of the college community.

6. The college council may develop and adopt operating procedures to ensure efficient, effective and timely decision-making.

 7. The committee has to review the annual component goals produced by academic affairs, student Services, and administrative Services. College Council can recommend changes in accordance with the college mission and institutional goals.

8. The committee has to suggest or modify curriculums, in coordination with the departments.

9. The committee has to suggest academic programs, textbooks and references of the college.

10. The committee has to organize open forums for discussion of important or controversial issues.

11. The committee has to promote and coordinate scientific research, and work on publishing the research papers.

12. The committee has to suggest the extracurricular activities plan of the college.

13. The committee has to  settle matters related to students majors ,

14. The committee has to assist in disseminating and interpreting policies and procedures to the appropriate constituent groups.

The committee has to receive and review recommendations from the Budget Committee, and make allocation decisions based on these materials subject to review by the authority


1PRINCIPAL   Prof. Maganti Ramadas
2DEAN ACADEMICSDr. Sumit Srivastava
3HOD Samhita Siddhanta                            Dr. R. Vidyanath
4HOD Rachana Sharir                          Dr. Vanasri Chaudhary
5HOD  Kriya Sharir                            Dr. A. Sankar Babu
6HOD Dravyaguna Vigyan                                Dr. Suman Panwar
8HOD Roganidana                                         Dr. Sumit Srivastava
9HOD Swasthavritta                                      Dr. D.K Chaddha
10HOD Agada Tantra                                       Dr. Dr. Amrit Malik
11HOD Prasuti Tantra & Stri roga                            Dr. Anuradha Maganti
12HOD Kaumarabhritya                                   Dr. Madhu Gupta
13HOD Kayachikitsa                                         Dr. Ramadas Maganti
14HOD Shalya Tantra                                       Dr. Monika
15HOD/IC Shalakya Tantra                                   Dr. Richa Mohan
16HOD Panchkarma                                         Dr. Janardhan Mishra

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COLLEGE COUNCIL COMMITTEE minutes of the meetings – 2020

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