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Rog Nidan evam Vikriti Vigyana is an essential part of Ayurveda that is useful in early diagnosis of disease and deals with classification of diseases and techniques of diagnosis. Rog Nidan evam Vikriti Vigyana deals with the factors which are important to understand the origin of disease as well as pathogenesis, diagnosis and investigations of the disease. It also deals with aetio-pathological and clinic-pathological studies of disease. The normal state of mind and body is Prakriti i.e Health and abnormal state of of body is called Vikriti i.e Disease. Rog Nidan also helps to understand Dosha-Dushya & Mala kashya-vridhi lakshan and Dosha-Dushya Sammurchana.

Rogi- Priksha by Trividha, Chaturvidha, Sadhvidha, Asthvidha and Dashvidha, making a possible effort in early diagnosis of a disease. Roga pariksha by Nidan Panchak is the base of diagnosis of a disease which include Hetu, Roopa, Purvaroopa, Upsaya and Samprapti. Samanaya Samprapti i.e Sadhkriyakaal that helps in diagnosis of disease and provide us chance to treat the disease in every step such as Sanchya, Prokopa of Dosha. The main objectives of Rog Nidana department to provide good skills of diagnosis to students by Ayurvedic as well as modern technologies and provide complete knowledge of bed side clinics and advanced investigations with clinical interpretation.

Key Features of Department

Well qualified Teaching, Non-teaching and Hospital staff.

Trains UG Ayurvedic students about diagnostic aspects.

Tutorial room with fully fledged audio-visual units such as mic with speakers and projector facilities.

Departmental Library.

Well equipped college & Hospital Pathology Lab.

Automated Hematology cell counter

Fully Automated Biochemistry Analysis.

Semi – Automated analyzer for HbA1C, CRP, RA, Anti-CCP.

Digital Urine Analyzer- Routine Examination.

Urine Examination- Microscopic

Stool Examination.






Department Initiatives

Rog Nidana Department possesses good number of models, charts, specimens, and laboratory instruments which aids in teaching.






NameDesignationRegular/ContractDepartmentDate of JoiningPhotographPortfolio
1Dr. A Sankar BabuProfessorRegularRog Nidan10.12.2020view
2Dr. Sumit SrivastavaProfessor/ Dean AcademicRegularRog Nidan05.02.2010
3Dr. Dolly ThakurReader/Associate professorRegularRog Nidan07.08.2015
4Dr. Rijin MohanLecturer/Asst. ProfessorRegularRog Nidan19.12.2019
5Dr. Ashwani K. SomLecturer/Asst. ProfessorRegularRog Nidan10.12.2020

Non – Teaching Staff

Sr. No.NameDesignationEmployee CodeDepartment
1Mrs. VandanaLaboratory TechnicianSDACH0097Rog Nidan Evam Vikriti Vigyan
2Mr. SachinLaboratory TechnicianSDACH0264Rog Nidan Evam Vikriti Vigyan
3Ms. Vandana SharmaLaboratory TechnicianSDACH0306Rog Nidan Evam Vikriti Vigyan
4Mr. Shiva KapoorLaboratory AssistantSDACH0501Rog Nidan Evam Vikriti Vigyan
5Mrs. LalitaLaboratory AttendantSDACH0271Rog Nidan Evam Vikriti Vigyan


DepartmentBuilt up area (in square meter)
Rog Nidan150
DepartmentComputer/Printer AvailabilityNo. of Dept. Library BooksNo. of ChartsNo. of ModelsNo. of SpecimenNo. of Lectures (Theory)*No. of Practical / Clinical*
1.Rog Nidan Both Available115150161210282
* No. of Lectures / Practical’s / Clinicals carried out since 1ST JAN 2022 Onwards. Updated Monthly

Last Updated till August.

Clinical Laboratory Record – 2022

1Total Number of Hematological Tests :2883*
2Total Number of Bio-Chemistry Tests :24,469*
3Total Number of Serological Test :2337*
4Total Number of Microbiological Tests 1463*
Total number of Investigations done

Last Updated till August.

1Total number of X-rays done : 2563*
2Total number of ECG done 206*
3Total number of USG done : 1333*
* Record carried out since 1ST JAN 2022 Onwards. Updated Monthly

Last Updated till August.

Lecture record Theory/Practical of the Last academic year 2021

Total Theory Lectures94
Total Practical/Clinical Lectures41
RECORD ON THE BASIS OF 1st JAN 2021 TI 31st DEC 2021

Clinical Laboratory Record – 2021

1Total number of X-rays done : 1837
2Total number of ECG done 17
3Total number of USG done : 1640
1Total Number of Hematological Tests :2,933
2Total Number of Bio-Chemistry Tests :25,141
3Total Number of Serological Test :3,103
4Total Number of Microbiological Tests 937
Total number of Investigations done
(i.e. 1st Jan 2021 – 31st Dec 2021) :

Last Updated till December.

Clinical Laboratory Record – 2020

1Total number of X-rays done : 1942
2Total number of ECG done 209
3Total number of USG done : 2743
1Total Number of Hematological Tests :2627
2Total Number of Bio-Chemical Tests :25610
3Total Number of Serological Test :2089
4Total Number of Microbiological Tests 50
Total number of Investigations done in the last calendar year
(i.e. 1st Jan 2020 – 31st Dec 2020) :


Equipment &InstrumentsRequirementAvailable
1Binocular microscope2525
2Microscope with oil emersion ( Mono & Bino)5052
3X- Ray11
4Sahli’s Haemoglobinometer5050
5Hb pipette5050
6WBC pipette5054
7RBC pipette5064
9Improved Neubaeur chamber5057
11Wintrobe tube5069
12Westergrens tube5072
13Westergrens stand5054
14Centrifuge machine22
15Pasteur pipette50100
18Cell counter11
19BP Apparatus5050
22Tongue Depressor50522
23Stop watch5054
24Physical Balance11
25Hot air oven11
26Bunsen burner5074
27Refrigerator 11
28Weighing Machine11
29Sterile vessel    Assorted500
30Knee hammer   Assorted7
31Measuring tape   Assorted2
32Tunning fork   Assorted95
33Nasal speculum   Assorted21
34Laryngoscope   Assorted2 set
35Catheter   Assorted20
36Probe   Assorted10
37ENT examination set   Assorted2 set
38HBsAg kit   Assorted1 kit
39HIV kit   Assorted1 kit
40CT & BT kit   Assorted600
41RFT,LFT,LIPID, SUGAR Kit   Assorted1 kit Each
42Sterile Disposable lancert, needle    Assorted2 Box
43Glass rod   Assorted16
44Syringe needle destroyer  Assorted1
45Cover slip  Assorted1 Box
46Clean slides  Assorted13 Packet
47Litmus paper  Assorted16 Pack
48pH Indicator paper strip  Assorted19 Pack
49Test tube  Assorted700
50Separating funnel of various size  Assorted10
51Glass jars  Assorted20
52Capillary tubes  Assorted39 Packet
53Magnifying lens  Assorted1
54Water bath  Assorted1
55Multi sticks  Assorted1 Packet
56Ultra-voilet lamp.11
57Torch  Assorted2
58Rubber seat  Assorted10
59Reflector/mirror   Assorted1

REAGENTS List of Department

 Reagents NameQuantity
1.HCL N/102.5 L
2.W.B.C Diluting fluid2 L
3.R.B.C Diluting Fluid500 ml
4.Benedict’s Sol.500 ml
5.Fehling’s sol. A500 ml
6.Fehling’s sol. B500 ml
7.Hydrogen Peroxide3 L
8.Phenol1.5 L
9.Sodium Citrate500 ml
10.Acetic Acid Glacial1.5 L
11.Barium Chloride2 L
12.Xylene Rectified500 ml
13.Iodine sol  N/10500 ml
14.Sulphuric Acid1.5 L
15.Gultaric Acid500 ml
16.Sodium Hydroxide Flakes500 gm
17.Chloroform500 ml
18.Potassium Permangnate N/10500 ml
19.Formaldehyde sol.500 ml
20.Acetone500 ml
21.O- Toluidine Reagent500 ml
22.Citric Acid500 gm
23.Ammonium sulphate1000 gm
24.Sodium Nitrate500 gm
25.Ammonia Sol.500 ml
26.Potassium Iodine100 gm
27.Medirit Rubbing Sol.1 L
28.Nitric Acid500 ml
29.Ammonium Potassium Sulphate500 gm
30.Ammonium Chloride500 gm
31.Sodium Fluoride500 gm
32.Fouchet’s Reagents500 ml
33.Esbach’s Reagents500 ml
34.Sulphosalicylic Acid125 ml
35.Sulphur Powder200 gm
36.Field Stain – A500 ml
37.Field Stain – B500 ml


Annual Report

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