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Institutional Ethics Committee

IEC is the committee formed of a group of people who go through the research protocol / proposal and state whether or not it is ethically acceptable.

IEC meeting conducted in 2023 on

August 17,2023

February 17,2023

January 10,2023

S.NoNameDepartmentTopic Name
1Dr.Ashwarya Raj LaxmiStree Roga And Prasuti TantraAn open label randomised comparative clinical trial to evaluate the effect of vachyadyam churnam orally and mahanarayana tailam matrabasti in vataja granthi w.s.r. To endometriotic cyst .
2Dr.Himanshi GoyalStree Roga And Prasuti TantraAn open label randomised comparitive clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of udumbara phala churna and lodhra- shunthi churna in the management of asrigdara w.s.r. mennorhagia
3Dr.KajalStree Roga And Prasuti TantraA randomized double blind comparative clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of Vacha(Acorus calamus linn.)churna versus Shunthi(Zingiber officinale Roscoe) churna in severe grade Pre Menstrual Syndrome”
4Dr.KomalStree Roga And Prasuti TantraA comparative clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of Gokshuradi taila matrabasti with gokshuradi ghanatva and tila taila matrabasti with gokshuradi ghansatva in the management of Udavartini yonivyapad with special reference to primary dysmenorrhea.
5Dr.Monika KaushikStree Roga And Prasuti TantraEfficacy of Vachadi gana ghan vati versus Lasunadi    vati    in    the    management    of Artavakshaya(Oligomenorrhea)in overweight     women-     an     open     label randomised comparative clinical trial”.
6Dr.NeetikaStree Roga And Prasuti TantraAn open labelled randomised controlled study to evaluate the efficacy of Shulaprashaman Mahakashaya Phanta versus           Mefanamic           acid           in kashtartava (Dysmenorrhea)
7Dr.Amanjyot SangraRoga Nidana Evum Vikriti VigyanaAn Observational Study To Analyze The Kamala VyadhiLakshana With Liver Function Test And Fibroscan Findings In Subjects Of Alcoholic Liver Disease

IEC meeting conducted in 2022 on

June 14,2022

Research Topics Approved by IEC

Sr. No.Research TopicResearcher NameDate of Approval
1A comparative clinical study of vaitarana basti with respect to meals in gridhrasiDr. Chitralekha27/02/2023
2Clinical study on treatment tolerability, adherence and safety of ayurvedic formulation in the management of DyslipidemiaPI:Dr.Sumit Srivastava
Co PI :Dr.Sanul Muralidharan
3A clinical study to evaluate the Chakshushya effect of Saptamrit lauha and Triphala ghrit tarpana in the
management of Timira w.s.r. to Myopia
PI: Dr.Richa Mohan
Co PI:Dr.Arun Kaushal
4Efficacy of Ayurvedic interventions in the management of polycystic ovarian syndrome in adolescents and young adults wsr to Artav Dushti: An open label Randomized controlled clinical trail.PI: Dr.Archana S
Co PI: Dr.Priya Sharma,
Dr.Nidhin M.M
5A double blind four arm Randomised controlled Clinical Trial to evaluate the effectiveness of polyherbal formulations in the management of DyspepsiaPI: Dr. Rijin Mohan
Co PI: Dr. Saranya
6A Comparative Experimental Study of PreSowing Treatments on Seed Germination Rate of Sarpagandh w.s.r.t Methods Adopted in Vrikshyurveda.Dr. Sonal Singh
Dept. of Dravyaguna
7An Experimental Study To Evaluate Combined
Effect Of Nagakesara and Pugasthi for Fertility
Activity In Female Albino Rats
Dr. Priya Gupta
Dept. of Dravyaguna
8An experimental study to evaluate the Anti ageing property of Gokshura in comparison with Guduchi in Drosophila
Dr. Isha Malik
Dept. of Dravyaguna
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