Hon’ble Registrar

Dr. Naresh Kumar Bhargav

“The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance” – Socrates

It is indeed an honor to be a part of Shri Krishna AYUSH University, Kurukshetra as a Registrar from the early days of its incubation. We have envisaged this University to steadily grow into multi-disciplinary campus. The prime focus of the institute would be our ‘students’. We will strive to make them capable, responsible citizens through best in class quality education and strong value systems.

The rational for this university at Kurukshetra is to establish institutions of international repute to create a global learning environment in the state, develop the state and national manpower to build the research and professional capacity in the state and create a reputation of the state on the global map.

We believe in empowering students with strong knowledge base and quality standard of higher education in a holistic and multi-dimensional manner encompassing all theoretical, applied and conceptual aspects by maintaining the exclusiveness of the discipline. We are not against the scientific knowledge of west to resolve our problems but for development we should not under estimate our own Indian way of thinking and indigenous philosophy of life which lays emphasis on  and well being of every individual, i.e., We must remain deeply connected to our roots and ethical bindings.

I am fully aware that there exists an ample scope for us to enhance our standards, to reach higher pinnacles of academic excellence. Undoubtedly we would be able to achieve these objectives with cooperation of learned and experienced faculty members devoted to the overall development of students personality. I assure the students that your life in the campus as a student would be highly rewarding in terms of academics pursuit and filled with good human values.

Dr. Naresh Kumar Bhargav
 Shri Krishna AYUSH University, Kurukshetra
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