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Botanical Name : Sarcostemma brevistigma wight & Arn

Family : Asclepiadaceae

Names in different Indian languages :

English : Moon plant

Hindi : Somlatha

Kannada : Somalata

Tamil : Soma

Malayalam : Somalata

Sanskrit : Soma

Synonyms : Sarcostemma acidum

Morphology :

The plant is a perennial leafless, twining trailing shrub, with green cylindrical, fleshy, glabrous, green pendulous stems exuding milky white latex,  exhibiting longitudinal ridges and nodes. Stem is succulent grows up to 25 in. in diam. Leaves reduced to minute scales. Flowers small, in sessile terminal or  lateral umbels, calyx  small, 5-partite, glandular or not within. Corolla rotate, deeply lobed; lobes 5, overlapping to the right in bud. Corona double, the outer cupular, membranous, 5-10 lobed or crenate, attached  to the base of the stamina column. Stamens adnate to the base of the corolla- tube; filaments forming a column; anthers with  membranous  inflexed  appendages;

Distribution & Habitat :

Bihar, Bengal, and south india

Properties :

 Rasa: Katu, madhura,

Veerya : sita

Karma Tridosha hara

 Indication :

Rasayana, daha hara , trsna nigraha, visosha hari

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