Van Tulsi

Botanical Name : Ocimum gratissimum Linn.

Family : Labiatae; Lamiaceae

Introduction :

Its properties are similar to Ocimum tenuiiflorum

Names in different Indian languages :

English : Lemon basil, tea bush, Shrubby Basil.

Malayalam : Kattuthulsi, malatulsi

Sanskrit : Vriddha Tulasi

Tamil : Elumicha-Tulasi, Peria Tulasi

Synonyms :

Raam-Tulasi, Raan-Tulasi, aranyatulsi ,bhrihatulasi

Morphology :

Branched, aromatic under shrub 30-50 cm high, sometimes woody, hairy.

Leaves—simple, opposite, ovate, serrate, obtuse or acute, – entire or subserrate. Petioles slender hairy

Flowers— very small,yellow,borne in terminal and axillary racemes.

Fruits— subglobose or broadly oblong nutlets.

Flowers and fruits almost throughout the year (mainly during September-February).

Distribution & Habitat :

All over India

Chemical constituents :

Clocimum, eugenol,methyl eugenol, eugenol acetate

Properties :

Its properties are similar to Ocimum tenuiiflorum

Special indication :

constipation, cough, fever, nasal catarrh, gonorrhoea with difficult urination.

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