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Botanical Name : Cleome viscosa

Family : Capparidaceae

Names in different Indian languages :

English : Wild Mustard, dog mustard

Hindi : Hulhul,hurhur

Kannada : Nayibelu,kadu sasive

Malayalam : Vela,attunari vela,aryavela,naivela

Sanskrit : Pasugandha

Tamil : Nayikkadugu,Nalvellai.

Telugu : Kukkavaminta, nallavaminta

Unani : Panwaar,Hulhul

Synonyms :

Tilaparni, Hurhur, Aadityabhakta

 Cleome icosandra Linn.

 Variant : cleome gynandra

Morphology :

Erect profusely branched woody annual herbs. The whole plant viscous with stalked glandular hairs. Leaves 3-5(-7)-foliolate; leaflets subsessile, 0.6-3.5 x 0.3-2 cm, elliptic-oblong or obovate to spathulate, base cuneate, margins ciliate, apex obtuse, membranous, glandular pubescent; petiole up to 5 cm long. Racemes terminal, lax, few-flowered, corymbiform. Flowers 1-1.5 cm across; pedicels to 1 cm long, elongate during fruiting. Sepals 4, 4-8 x 2-3 mm, lanceolate, apex acute, glandular hairy without. Petals 4, yellow, 6-12 x 3-5 mm, obovate to oblong-spathulate, apex rounded. Stamens 12-18; filaments 6-8 mm long, broadened at tip; anthers linear. Ovary sessile, 5-7 mm long, oblong-cylindric, glandular-hairy; stigma cpitate. Capsules 5-6.5 x 0.3-0.5 cm, linear-oblong, terete, striate, densely glandular hairy. Seeds many, 1-1.5 mm across, reniform, transversely ridged, reddish-brown.

Action & uses:carminative, antiseptic, anthelmintic

Chemical constituents : Macrocyclic diterpene, cleomaldeic acid,cleomeolide

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