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Botanical Name : Coccinia indica W. & A.

Family : Cucurbitaceae

Introduction :

Latin name : Coccinia = cocci = berry, indica = indian.

Synonyms :

Bimbi, Tundi, Tundikaa, Tundikeri, Kunduru, Raktaphala, Piluparni, Dantchhadaa

Coccinia cordifolia Cogn.

Cephalandra indica Naud

Coccinia grandis Lin

Varieties & adulterants – (CV – controversy, AD – adulterants) :

Varieties : Two – bitter and sweet. The bitter variety is found in the wild and all its parts are bitter to taste. The sweet variety is used as a vegetable.

Morphology :

It is e perennial ascending creeper also known as kundaru, telakucha, tindora etc. Its stalk is pentangular, leaves triangular or pentangular, dentate; slightly twisted, 4 to 6 cms. in length and 7-8 cms. broad.

flowers – unisexual, white, large and in bunches.

Fruits -. unctuous, fleshy, tapering at both ends, initially green and red when ripe. The fruits are marked with 10 white stripes and have plenty of seeds.

Distribution & Habitat :

All over India, cultivated

Chemical constituents :

beta-amyrin, acetate, lupeol ,  cucurbitacin B.

Properties :

Guna: laghu, ruksha, tikshna ;

Rasa: katu, kashaya:

Virya: ushna:

Vipaka: katu

Prabhava: vamak and rechak:


Rasa: madhur

Guna: guru


Vipaka: madhur

Karma –

Stambanam, lekhanam, ruchyam

Carminative, antipyretic,Galactagogue, antispasmodic, expectorant, anti diabetic


Dosha: Kapha (removal by emesis), pitta (removal by purgation).

Dhatu: Rasa (emetic), rakta (purgative, jaundice, liver, kaphapitta shodhan), mansa. meda (diabetes).

Mala: Mutra (pyuria, diabetes).

Organ: Stomach

 Indication :

Swasa, kasa, jwara, meha, rakta pitta

fever, skin disease, cough, piles, leucorrhoea,vomiting, dysentery,gout, jaundice

Part used : Whole plant


Leaf juice 10-15 ml

Powder 2-4 g

Decoction 50-100 ml

Use :

Application of the leaves reduces inflammation. Juice of the leaves cleanses wounds. Raw fruit is chewed in stomatitis, Since it is an appetizer, emetic, laxative and hepatic stimulant. it is used in anorexia, jaundice and other liver disorders, It reduces the diseases of blood caused by

kaphapitta. It is useful in cough and asthma as it is an expectorant. Juice of the roots in a dose of 10 ml. or root powder 3 to 6 gms. is useful in pyuria and diabetes, It is also useful in skin diseases and fever.

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