Botanical Name : Gardenia jasminoides Ellis.

Family : Rubiaceae

Introduction :

It is an ornamental plant, used in folk medicine.

Names in different Indian languages

English : Cape Jasmine

Malayalam : Gandharaaja

Sanskrit : Gandharaaja

Tamil : Karinga

Synonyms :

Gardenia florida Linn.

Gardenia augusta Merrill.

Morphology :

Evergreen shrub, 1-2 m height

Leaves – lanceolate, simple, opposite

Flower – white, fragrant

Distribution & Habitat :

All over India

Chemical constituents :

geniposide, genipin, gardenoside and geniposidic acid

Karma :

cathartic, antispasmodic, anthelmintic, antiperiodic, antidaibetic, antidysenteric

Indication :

hyperacidity, constipation, cholestasis, internally and externally for inflammation

Part used :

Root,leaves, bark

Dosage : 2-4g

Therapeutic Uses :

Root powder useful in diarrhea

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