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Botanical Name: Tagetus erecta

Family :  Compositeae 

Introduction :

Latin name : Tagetus = marigold, tages an Etruscan God; erecta = straight.

Sanskrit names : Zandu, Salpushpa, Zenduk.

Morphology :

This is a small plant. Its stalk and branches are angular and bear bristle hairs.

Leaves – regularly placed, foliated and with hairs.

Flowers – dark yellow. Seeds- black and oblong. flowering – in October (around Dassera).

Many varieties are found.

Habitat : Though imported from Mexico, it is found all over India.

Properties :

Guna : laghu, ruksha

Rasa: tikta, kashaya

Virya : sheeta

Vipaka Katu

Dosha : kaphapittashamak.

Part used : Flowers or leaf juice.

Dosage : Juice 10 to 20 gms.

Internal uses :

Its hemostatic and anti-inflammatory properties are helpful in injury and ulcers. Leaves and flowers are used for local application. Internal uses :‘ Since it is a blood purifier and hemostatic it is useful in blood disorders, bleeding diathesis, bleeding piles and menorrhagia. Flowers fried in ghee are given orally

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