Botanical Name : Mallotus philippensis Muell.-Arg.

Family : Euphorbiaceae

Introduction :

Latin name: Mallotus like the shape of Melon; philippinensis in island Phillipines (Rottlera tinctoria- to dye silk).On the ripe fruit there is red powder which falls oft when fruits are rubbed. It is called as kapila. Seeds ‘circular  and smooth. flowering occurs in autumn and (nuts in spring (Observation Pure kapita powder doesn’t get dissolved in water. It floats on the upper surface of water. It is inflammable like alcohol. It dissolves in ether and alkaloids. When kapila powder is smeared on paper with a wet finger, it turns  the paper yellow. It is soft to touch, light and odourless. It is adulterated by brick powder.

Synonyms :

Kampillaka, Kampilla, Karkash, Raktaanga, Rechan, Chandra.

Varieties & adulterants – (CV – controversy, AD – adulterants) :

Latex of  Euphorbia tirucalli Linn. -CV

Tabernaemontana heyneana Wall -CV

Morphology :

Evergreen tree 8 to 10 mtrs. high.

Leaves- simple, alternate, ovate-lanceolate, base of the leaf stalk. Ventrally it has 3 red veins

Flower- spike, dioecious , yellowish

Fruit – globose, small, having 3 compartments and appear in bunches.

Distribution & Habitat :

All over India

Chemical constituents :

rottlerin, isorottlerin, iso-allorottlerin , methylene-bis-methylphloroacetophenone

Properties :


GUNA-laghu, ruksha, tikshna



Karma –vrishyam,  ranchaka,  gulmahara, grahi, deepana

purgative, anthelmintic, styptic, digestive, depurative , hypoglycaemic,

spasmolytic, antibacterial


Dosha : kaphavatashamak and pittavardhak. ( some other says it is Vatala)

Dhatu :raktha, shukra

Mala :purisha

Organ : live

Indication : Krimi, vrana, anaham, gulma

Tapeworm infestation; in scabies, ringworm, herpes.

Part used : Glandular hair of fruits, bark

Dosage : 0.5 – 1 g – hair

External uses :

Useful in dermatoses. cleans and heals the wound. It should be mixed with oil and honey and then applied to ulcerated and pyrogenic wounds.

Internal uses :

It is used in flatulence. ascites, constipation, worms. It kills and expels the worms. There is tradition of using mild laxative along with it. It is very strong For the persons with mrudu koshtha. Kapila swadishta virechan choorna is a good remedy for worms. It is useful in blood diseases, calculi, impotency and dermatoses.

Therapeutic Uses :

Powder in milk increase sperm mobility

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