Botanical Name : Blumea lacera

Family : Compositae; Asteraceae

Introduction :

Latin name: Blumea = flowers: lacero = torn, irregularly cleft,

Names in different Indian languages :

Hindi : Kukundhara

Kannada : Kukundaru

Malayalam : Kukuravriksham,rakkila

Sanskrit : Kukundara

Tamil : Kattumullanki

Telugu : Kukundaramu

Unani : Kakarondaa

Synonyms :

Kukurunda, Tamrachooda, Sookshmapatra. Mriducchada, Kukudru, Kukurbandha, Kukuninda

Morphology :

A shrub of 30 to 60 coms. high.

Leaves – stout like kasani, hairy with strong smell,

flowers – tiny, yellowish, hairy and heterosexual.

Seeds – small, black. Upper part of the plant is red in colour.

These plants grow in rainy season and dry up in summer (which is used as a medicine), flowering and fruiting occur in winter. There are many varieties of this plant.

Distribution & Habitat :

In watery but at the height of 700 mtrs, but grows all over India

Chemical constituents :

cineold-fenchone, citral , coniferyl alcohol,  acetylenic, thiophene, campesterol, hentriacontane,  hentriacontanol, alpha-amyrin , acetate, lupeol,acetate, beta-sitosterol

Properties :

Guns: laghu, ruksha, tikshna;

Rasa: tikta, katu;

Veerya: ushna;

Vipaka: katu

Karma :

Jwara hara,  deepana, pachana,

Antipyretic, astringent, febrifuge, diuretic, deobstruent, anthelmintic

Indication :

Kusta, raktaruk, daha

fever, skin disease, cough, piles, leucorrhoea, vomiting, dysentery, gout, burning sensation, dyspepsia, cephalgia, worm infection

Part used :

Whole plant

Dosage :

Leaf juice 10-15 ml

Powder 2-4 g

Decoction 50-100 ml

Internal uses :

Leaf juice or powder is used as a nasya in rhinitis, headache. Warm leaves are tied on inflammation. Conjunctivitis is treated by local application of leaf juice. The leaf juice kills maggots and is also used in wounds, Being appetizer, laxative, stimulant and anthelmintic properties, it is used in ascites, worms, liver disorders, haemorrhoids, In haemorrboids, mixture of leaf paste and black pepper is given. As it ads on rakta dhatu, it is used in blood disorders, bleeding disorders and oedema, It is useful in rhinitis, cough, asthma, fever and menorrhagia. Especially in rabies, 6 gms. of root powder is given along with the water. (It acts by its emetic action).

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