Large pennywort

Botanical Name : Hydrocotyle bonariensis

Family : Apiaceae

Introduction :

Hydrocotyle bonariensis, the largeleaf pennywort, once a member of the family Apiaceae, now in the family Araliaceae and of the genus Hydrocotyle, is a hairless and creeping perennial

Morphology  :      

Largeleaf pennywort ( Hydrocotyle bonariensis) produces one large, rounded leaf at the end of a long stem. Because it spreads vegetatively by sending out runners, it gathers in large patches that may consist of thousands of genetically identical individuals. A separate stem rises from each individual to form a branched grouping of small flowers.

leaves peltate, orbicular, doubly-crenated, 15–20-nerved, glabrous as well as the petioles; scapes umbellate at the apex and umbellately-branched; flowers disposed in interrupted whorls along the branchlets. Stem rooting. Petioles 2 inches, or 1 foot or longer. Leaves perfectly round or with an incision at the base; young ones dentate-crenated; when old often 2–2 1/2 inches in diameter. Peduncles as long or shorter than the petioles. Umbel compound of 4–12 rays 1/2–2 inches long; the rays simple or dichotomous; flowers interruptedly-verticillate; pedicels very short. Fruit 1-line broad, coloured, scarcely emarginate at the base and apex, mericarps with 1–2 ribs on each side.

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