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Botanical Name:

Syzygium aromaticum (Linn.)Merr. & Perry.

Family : Myrtaceae

Introduction :

Lavanga is relatively a less utilized herb during the Bhat Trayi period. we come across the utility of Lavañga in therapeutics in yoga books. It is mainly used for the correction of digestive problems. Application of clove oil for dental caries, relieve joint pains and head ache

Names in different Indian languages :

Hindi : Laung

Telugu : Lavangamu, devakusumam

Tamil : Kirambu

English : Clove

Kanada : lavanga

Malayalam : Grampu,karayampu

Sanskrit : Lavangam, devakusumam

Unani : Qaranful,Laung

Synonyms :

Lavanga, Devakusum, Devapushpa, Shrisangya, Shriprasuunaka. Grahanihara,  Divyagandhã, Vãrija, sriprasünaka, srisanjnaka, sri, Candana puspa, Bhrñgangi, sekhara.

Morphology :

It is a pyramidal  evergreen tree, 8-10m high or more.

Leaves- simple, lanceolate, ,  gland-dotted, fragrant.

Flowers-buds— cyme,  small clusters of branches, greenish; pink at maturity, aromatic.

Fruits- fleshy, dark pink drupes.

Seeds- oblong, grooved in one side.

(Flowers between January-June and fruits later).

Distribution Cultivated mainly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala

Habitat  & Distribution :

Originally from Malaya – Sailibius island. At present it is being cullivated in Sumatra) Malakka, Zanjibar. Penang. Mauritius, Bornia, Brazil) Guyana. West Indies and Travancore in Southern India 

Chemical Composition :

Gum and volatile oil 16-20%. resin 6%, euginine or cariophyllin, tanin, gum. Clove oil contains 85-92% eugenol. aryophyllene, eugenol, furfural, methyl alcohol, methylbenzoate, valeraldehyde, vanillin, eugenitine, isoeugenitol, eugenine, eugenone, naphthalene, caryophellene oxide etc.

Properties :

Rasa  : Tikta, Katu

Guna  : Laghu, Snigdha

Virya  : sita

Vipãka : Katu

Karma :

Kapha-pitta hara, Rucya,Dipana-Pacana, Netryam

Appetizer, expectorant, emollient, febrifuge, diuretic, Carminative, antiinflammatory, antibacterial

Indications :

Trisnã, chardi, Adhmána, sula, kãsa, svãsa, Hikkã.

cough, asthma, diuretic, burning sensation, fever, vomiting, hyper acidity, odontalgia, helminthiasis, cephalagia, neuralgia, lumbago, nostalgia, dental caries, inflammation in  oral and pharyngeal mucosa

Part Used : Floral bud, clove oil

Dosage : Powder 2-4g; oil 1-2 drops

External uses : It is stimulant, antimicrobial and tikshna, so it is applied locally in headache and sinusitis. Chewing of dove is useful in stomatitis and skin disorders. Clove oil is used for massage in rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, backache

Internal uses :

Digestive system : it is an appetizer and digestive. it stimulates salivating glands to increase salivary secretion. Carminative , analgesic ,liver stimulant. It is useful in anorexia, loss of appetite, flatulence, abdominal colic, hyperacidity, nausea.

 Circulatory. system : Stimulates heart and circulation, increases blood pressure, syphilis. Useful in blood disorders because of pungent and sheeta properties.

Respiratory system : Reduces cough, tuberculosis, foul smell and breathlessness, simulates respiration mucosa causing expectoration.

Reproductive system : Aphrodisiac, purifies breast milk.

Skin : Clove is useful in many skin disorders by its stimulating action on skin.

Temperature: Useful in fever to reduce temperature. Clove boiled in water is a good remedy for fever.

Satmikaran :  Katu. tikta. so used in tuberculosis and general debility as a tonic.

Srotogamitva :
Dosha Decreases kapha and pitta. vatanashak.

Dhatu : Rakta (bleeding disorders).

Mala Purisha
Note : Effective in morning sickness.

Important Yogas or Formulations :

Avipattikaracurnam;Lavangadivati,khadirãdiguika,DevakusumãrkaLavangadicürna,Lavangacatuhsam, Lavangodaka.

Important research work going on :

(1) Anti-viral activity against herpes simplex virus

(2) Anti-inflammatory activity

(3) Action on CNS

Therapeutic Uses:
pain— Lavangais pounded and applied with warm water externally

2. Visücikã— water boiled with clove is filtered and given (V.M.)

3. Trisnã— Fresh juice of Lavanga may be useful (G.N.)

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