Botanical name :Moringa concanensis

Family :Moringaceae


M. concanesis is a   evergreentree with a spreading crown, upto 8 feet.

Leaves alternate, 2-3- pinnate, obovate,caducous.

Flowers large, white,hermophrodite, irregular in axillarypanicles.

Calyx thinly tomentose, long,segments white, oblong, reflexed. Petalsyellow, veined with red, oblong.

Stamens 5 fertile and 4-5 staminodes.

Capsule straight, actively triquetrous,slightly contsricted between the seeds.

Seeds white or pale yellow 3- angled.

Therapeutic Uses

Eye care – Leaves

Leaves of M. concanensis werecollected, washed and cooked asa vegetable and taken internallytwice in a week will produce cooling effect of eyes and prevent sore eyes.

Thyroid Problems – Flower50 gms of juice of fresh flowers is to be taken twice a day for 30days. It will cure the thyroid problems in human being specially in women.

Fertility in women – Leaves30 gms of juice of fresh leaves is to be taken internally on empty stomach.

Tiredness –  Leaves Decoction of the leaf is mixedwith sugar and taken internallyin the early morning in an empty stomach for 7 days.

To reduce Blood Pressure –   Leaves50 gms of leaves were boiledwith 1g of Milagu (Pipernigrum) on 200ml of water.Then filtered and taken internally for 7 days in the early morning.

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