Botanical Name : Calophyllum inophyllum Linn.

Family : Guttiferae; Clusiaceae

Introduction :

Latin name : Calophyllum – kalos = beautiful.phyllum = leaved: inophyllum – mo = fibrous, leaved

Names in different Indian languages :

English : Indian Laurel, Alexandrian Laurel.

Hindi : Sultan campa,

Kannada : uma

Malayalam : Punnaa

Sanskrit : Punnaaga

Tamil : Punnai, Punnagam

Telugu : ponnavittulu

Synonyms :

Punnaaga, Tunga,Sultaan champaa, Naagchampaa, Raajchampaa.

Varieties & adulterants – (CV – controversy, AD – adulterants) :

Flowers and stamens—used as a substitute for Naagakesara (Mesua ferrea Linn.)

Morphology :

A evergreen beautiful tree 7-8 m. high.

Leaves – simple, elliptic, opposite

Flowers – white and fragrant, raceme

Fruits – globose, ripe fruits are round and yellow.

They occur in rainy season. Seeds – contain oil.

Distribution & Habitat :

Coastal region of India and fruits are found floating on sea water.

Chemical constituents :

xanthones, Jacareubin,Calophyllolide, Phcoumarin

Properties :

Guna : laghu, ruksha;

Rasa: madhur, kashaya;

Vipaka : madhur;

Virya : sheeta;

Karma : vatha-pitha hara, vamana, mutrala,kushtagna, netraya, siro soolaghna

Oil of seeds—specific for scabies and other skin diseases, and for rheumatism. Used in the treatment of genitourinary and venereal diseases.

Bark—juice istaken as purgative; pounded with water is applied in orchitis, and for dressing ulcers.

Root bark—antibacterial, used for indolent ulcers.

Leaf—used in vertigo and migraine, also for chicken pox, skin inflammations, scabies, sunburn.

External uses :

Oil is lekhan, analgesic and alleviates vata., Latex has wound healing property.

Internal uses :

It has astringent, diuretic and hemostatic properties. Decoction of bark is used in diarrhoea, dysentery, bleeding disorders. Seed oil is used in dysuria and pyuria

Nervous System : CNS depresent

Circulatory system : Cardio vascular dilator, shows antiarthritic and anti coagulant activity

Indication :

Migraine, orchitis, constipation , vertigo, gout

Part used :

Bark, seed, leaves


Leaf, flower, bark—2 to 4 g powder;

50–100 ml decoction.

Therapeutic Uses :

Leaf juice is useful in constipation

Bark powder useful in palpitation

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