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Botanical Name :

Elaeocarpus ganitrus

Family :


Introduction :     

Elaeocarpus ganitrus, is a large evergreen broad-leaved tree whose seed is traditionally used for prayer beads in Hinduism.

The seeds are known as rudraksha, or rudraksh, Sanskrit: rudrākṣa (“Rudra’s teardrops”).

Rudraksha may be produced by several species of Elaeocarpus, however E. ganitrus is the principal species used in the making of mala.


Elaeocarpus ganitrus grows in the area from the Gangetic plain in the foothills of the Himalayas to South-East Asia, Indonesia, New Guinea, Guam, and Hawaii.

Rudraksha seeds are covered by an outer husk of blue colour when fully ripe, and for this reason are also known as blueberry beads. The blue colour is not derived from pigment but is structural.

It is an evergreen tree that grows quickly.

The rudraksha tree starts bearing fruit in three to four years.

As the tree matures, the roots buttress rising up narrowly near the trunk and radiating out along the surface of the ground


Chemical constituents present in E. ganitrus are elaeocarpidine, isoelaeocarpine, epiisoelaeocarpiline, rudrakine, flavonoids, quercetin, phytosterols, fat, alkaloids, carbohydrates, ethanol, proteins, tannins, gallic acid and ellagic acid


Rudraksha have many Ayurvedic properties that refer to this wonderful bead and gives details of rudraksha for increase body constitutions. The beads, bark and leaves of Rudraksha all are used to cure various ailments like mental disorders, headache, fever, skin diseases etc.

Rudraksha may be worn either on arm, wrist or other parts of the body.

For improving memory power : Rudraksha can be used for improving memory power when taken with milk.

For all brain diseases : Rudraksha can be used for treating all brain diseases like brain fever etc.

As a blood purifier : Rudraksha shall be used for treating the blood impurities and strengthens the body substance.

As antibacterial : Rudraksha can be used for treating the burns and marks.

It can also be used for curing cough and breathing problems.

For controlling epilepsy : By using pulp of Rudraksha fruit or bark, can be used for controlling epilepsy.

For curing liver related problems, jaundice, and stomachache

Rudraksha can be used for treating stomach pain and liver problems.

For blood pressure : Rudraksha can be used to treat high blood pressure, heart diseases etc

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