Botanical name : Shorea robusta

Family : Dipterocarpaceae

Scientific classification

Kingdom : Plantae

Order : Malvales

Family : Dipterocarpaceae

Genus : Shorea

Species : Shorea robusta

Therapeutic Uses

Shorea robusta   has been traditionally used  for various ailments.

The  leaves  and  bark  are  used  to  treat  wounds,  ulcers, leprosy, cough, gonorrhea, earache and headache.

The bark is  also  used  to  treat  diarrhoea,  dysentery  and  vaginal discharges. 

The  fruits  are  useful  in  tubercular  ulcers, seminal weakness, burning sensation and dermopathy.

The oleoresin exuded from the plant has astringent, carminative and stomachic properties. It is useful in vitiated conditions of pitta, wounds, ulcers, neuralgia, burns, fractures, fever, diarrhoea, dysentery, splenomegaly, obesity and burning of the eyes.

 In Unani medicine, the resin is used for treating menorrhagia, enlargement of spleen and  for relieving eye irritation.

In  Ayurveda, it is  used with  honey or sugar  in treatment of dysentery and bleeding piles.

It is also given in  gonorrhea and  for weak  digestion.

 It  is suggested for ulcers,  wounds  and  menopausal  disorders  by  Siddha  practitioners.

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