Tree Tobacco

Botanical Name : Nicotiana glauca

Family : Solanaceae

Introduction :

Nicotiana glauca is a species of wild tobacco known by the common name tree tobacco. Its leaves are attached to the stalk by petioles (many other Nicotiana species have sessile leaves), and its leaves and stems are neither pubescent nor sticky like Nicotiana tabacum. It resembles Cestrum parqui but differs in the form of leaves and fusion of the outer floral parts. It grows to heights of more than two meters.

Names in different Indian languages :

English : tree tobacco, mustard tree, tobacco bush, tobacco plant, tobacco tree, and wild tobacco

Phylogeny :

N. acaulis Speg.

N. glauca Graham

N. noctiflora Hook.

N. petunioides (Griseb.) Millán

Morphology :

N. glauca is a small tree or shrub with many branches that normally grows to over 2 m, but can reach as high as 7 m. It’s leaves are thick and rubbery and can be up to 20cm long. It has yellow tubular flowers about 5 cm long and 1 cm wide. The plant primarily reproduces by seed.

Distribution & Habitat :

It grows in a wide variety of open and disturbed habitats including lakeshores and roadsides, but is mainly a problem in relatively dry areas.

External uses : Used to treat swellings, bruises, cuts, wounds, boils, sores, inflamed throat, and swollen glands.

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