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Botanical Name :

Biophytum sensitivum (Linn.) DC.

Family :


Introduction :

It is one of the flower in Dasha pushpa, useful in insect bite.

Names in different Indian languages :

English : tropical little tree plant

Sanskrit : Viparitalajjalu,jhullapushpah

Hindi : Lajjalu

Malayalam : mukkutti

Tamil : tintanali

Synonyms :

Oxalis sensitiva Linn.

Lajjaalu (var.) Vipareet Lajjaalu (non-classical),

Varieties & adulterants – (CV – controversy, AD – adulterants) :

CV –  Alambushaa – (Gorakh Mundi, Sphaeranthus indicus Linn., Asteraceae.)

 Morphology :

Slender erect annual herb, 10 -15 cm, rosette leaves top of stem

Leaves –compound, pinate, small 5-8 cm, leaflets opposite , small 2-3 mm, oblong

Flower – yellow

Fruits – capsule

 Distribution & Habitat :

All over India

Properties :

RASA- kashaya




Karma : kaha hara, kushtaghna, vishaghna

Diuretic, expectorant , lithontriptic

Srotogamitva :

Dosha : kapha-pitha ghna

 Dhatu : rasa,raktha

 Mala :mutrala

Organ : liver, skin

Indication :

Mutrakrichra, asthma , jwara, visha upadrava.

Plant—used in insomnia, convulsions, cramps,

chest-complaints, inflammations, tumours, chronic skin diseases.

Ash—in stomachache.

Leaves—diuretic, astringent, antiseptic.

Paste is applied to burns, contusions and wounds.

Decoction is given in strangury, asthma and phthisis.

Roots—decoction is given in lithiasis.

Mature leaves are recommended in diabetes; contain an insulin-like principle.

Part used :

Whole plant and its ash

Dosage :

10-15 ml

Important Yogas or Formations :

Hriberadi grtam

Sunisanna chargeri grtam                       

Therapeutic Uses :

Plants paste ex. In insect bite

Leave juice in diabetes

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