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Purpose :

 The Automatic Melting / Boiling Point Apparatus is suitable for verifying the accurate boiling and melting point of liquids and solids respectively.

Scope :

Determine the Melting point & Boiling point of Prepared medicine.

Procedure :

• Ensure that Instrument shall be clean and connected to the main power supply

• Touch the “POWER” button on digital TFT screen of the instrument so that screen display will “ON”.

• Push the “CLEAR” button of the instrument to clear any temperature value on the rectangular display of the instrument.

• Put the dried fine powder sample up to 4 to 6 mm of height on the open end of melting capillary tubes and tap it slightly so that powder gathered at the bottom.

• Insert the capillary through one of the holes in the Teflon cover of the beaker. Two more capillaries with powders can be inserted to other two small holes in the Teflon cover.

• The sealed tips of the capillaries with powder should remain suspended in the silicon oil. Keep the heater controlling knob of the apparatus to the minimum i.e. to the “LOW”.

• Turn the knob clockwise to put the mains ON. The “LOW” position may be selected for melting points up to 150 ºC and “HIGH” position for melting points more than 150 ºC.

• Turn the stirrer knob clockwise to put the stirrer ON. When temperature rises within about 15 ºC below the melting point of the powder, reduce the rate of heating by turning the knob anti-clockwise.

• Adjust heating rate suitably to about 1 – 3 ºC per minute. Note the temperature on the thermometer when the powder in the capillary starts melting.

• This can be seen clearly through the magnified TFT display screen. This is the exact melting point of the powder under test.

• Similarly boiling point of any liquid can be measured by using boiling point tube instead of capillary.

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