Purpose :

The refractometer can be used to quickly and accurately determine the refractive index of liquid, solid, and pasty samples.

Scope :

Refractometers are used in a variety of applications: From the Standardization,

 Determination of the purity and concentration of ingredients of medications etc.

Procedure :

• Make sure your hands are dry before handling the refractometer.

• Open the illumination prism by turning the locking mechanism.

• Apply one or two drops of the liquid onto the measuring prism, then move the illumination prism down again and secure using the locking mechanism.

• Open the protective plate and close the reflection mirror.

• Focus the image by turning the adjusting wheel right or left while looking through the eyepiece.

• Then move through the measuring range turning the measuring range adjusting wheel right or left.

• When the light/dark-boundary in the upper window is congruent with the crosshairs, the value can be read off in the lower window.

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