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Purpose : 

soxhlet extractor is a laboratory apparatus for the extraction of lipids and other molecules from a solid sample

Scope : 

Extracting the active principles from the samples.

Procedure :

• Assemble the apparatus.

• Fill the round bottom flask with solvent (n-Hexane).

• Put the thimble containing sample into extraction tube.

• Attach the extraction tube with flask containing solvent.

• Attach a condenser unit with the extraction tube and run the water.

• Fix the soxhlet apparatus on hot plate and heat the flask containing solvent.

• The solvent starts to evaporate and falls in the extraction tube after condensing.

• Continue this process till all the fat is extracted.

• Discontinue the process and take out the thimble.

• Again attach the extraction tube with flask containing solvent along with fat and condenser unit.

• Again heat the flask to recover the solvent.

• Discontinue the process and clean the extraction tube and thimble.


Purpose :

A heating mantle is a piece of laboratory equipment used to apply heat to containers, as an alternative to other forms of heated bath.

Scope :

Extraction of solutions and Distillation of solutions will come under this procedure.

Procedure :

• Switch on the heating mantle.

• Set the temperature.

• Place the sample in the round bottom flask.

• Higher voltages will cause it to overheat, melt the fiberglass insulation and expose the bare heating element.

• The heating mantle has an outer metal case that provides physical protection against damage to the fiberglass.

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